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Qualitone Acoustic Appraiser Audiometer AALW Works Well!!!


This is a Qualitone Acoustic Appraiser AALW audiometer.It is in very good Conditon. Appearance and Function.Test Air, Bone, and Speech.Includes one hearing device , and 4 cables, and unit itself of courseThanks for looking please ask any questions. Needs to be calibrated, accessories , not listed then buyer needs to acquire. In good physical shape. Slight surface scratches here and there . Nothing ...  More
Qualitone Acoustic Apprasier-AAC Portable AUDIOMETER Tape-Player & HearPen WORKS


Qualitone Acoustic Apprasier AACPortable Type AUDIOMETER Tape-PlayerIn excellent working condition.with rare Hearing Ambassador HEARPEN The Qualitone Acoustic Appraiser, model AAC, is a portable, lightweight, two-channel, Type I audiometer. The AAH offers sound-field capabilities and an integrated master hearing aid system. The AAC also features electronic frequency switching from 250 Hz to 8000 H ...  More


This has been stored and last calibrated since 2006. Did a quick check with speech, air, bone and masking. All seem to be in working order. Tape deck did not appear to be in working condition. Includes mics, headset, bone oscillator and speakers. No warranty given.
Audiometer-3 used Qualitone WRC's


Have set unused in storage for several years. We did a quick check with air, bone and speech. All worked. The woodgrain model had some static. All need headset, mic, bone oscillator and calibration. No warranty given other than all 3 do power and appear to be in working condition.
Qualitone-AAJ 2-Channel Audiometer acoustic appraiser Working Unit Portable


Qualitone Model AAJ Acoustic Appraiser Analog Display Dual Microphone(s) Bone Density Compatible NBN, SWN and WNM Master Hearing Aid Capability Speech and Tone Stimulation Capability Patient Hand-Held Push Button Switch Two External SK3 Speakers Built in Tape Player (Tape included) Portable Case - 18-1/2 in X 14 in X 9 in Weighs 25 Pounds Please stop by our store and sign up for our newsletter. Do ...  More

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