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2.1" 52mm Mini Urethral Penis Plug! Stainless Steel! Hollow! FREE SHIP from USA


Mini Hollow Penis Plug Penis Jewelry! No Pierce! This is a private auction. Medical Grade Stainless Steel Total Length : 2.1 " (52mm) Maximum diameter : 5/16" (7.7mm) Minimum diameter : 7/32"(5.5mm) Through-hole Pierced look without a piercing. Hollow design allows for extended wear. Small end for easy insertion. Great for beginner. We accept PayPal. Free Shipping to U.S. Customers We Powered by e ...  More
NEW Through-hole Urethral Sounds Penis Plug Stainless Steel Plug FREE SHIP


BRAND NEW Made of Medical Stainless Steel Size Total Length : about 42mm Maximum diameter: 8mmRing diameter : about 25mm/30mmThrough-hole. A great item for any collection and at a GREAT price! USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING(2 to 5 business days)Your Package will be Discreetly Shipped in a Plain Packaging. Your item will usually be dispatched within 2 business daysInternational shipping takes 10-15 busines ...  More

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